What is the PNIE?

Health is a state based on the balance between biological and psychosocial factors and the environment that surrounds us. With this perspective, PsychoNeuroImunoEndocrinology (PNIE) studies, documents and understands the different regulation and control mechanisms that are established in the intercommunication of the psychic, nervous, endocrine and immune systems of human beings.

It proposes an integrative model that allows to retake the biopsychosocial factors and the mind-body-environment interaction, in the health-disease processes with a systemic and integrated approach, which allows an ethical, dignified, human and scientific approach.



Integrative vision

of human well-being

PNIE in Latin America

The PNIE has found a space in Latin America for research, scientific production and continuous training of professionals. Thus, as PNIE accredited Associations and Scientific Societies have been formed in the region and together with Universities, they have created academic programs in which training is imparted from this integral approach to health in PNIE Integrative Medicine or Psychotherapy.


These associations make up the Latin American Federation of Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology (FLAPNIE), to develop academic activities, such as the VII International Congress of the Latin American Federation of Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology.

To date, FLAPNIE has the following associated countries and is open to the incorporation of other Latin American countries that wish to establish academic ties on PNIE issues.